The ‘fiver’ phenomenon

The Fiver Phenomenon

There’s a new phenomenon hitting kids parties. The ‘fiver’ party is a simple concept in and of itself; instead of bringing a gift along for the birthday boy or girl, guests simply bring a five-dollar note to put towards a major gift the parents have chosen for, or has been requested by, the birthday boy or girl.

A simple concept. Seemingly easy to implement. Is it the best thing to happen to children’s parties since sliced fairy bread? Perhaps! Here are some of the up-sides to this latest kid’s party trend.

No last minute gift buying

One of the most stressful things about a child’s birthday celebration can be buying a gift. Often it is difficult to figure out an age-appropriate and relevant gift to give that will actually be useful or enjoyed. As such, this can often lead to last-minute gift purchases, often made at large chain stores renowned for their low prices and, at times, lower quality of goods. The fiver party eradicates this problem – help the kids make a cute card, throw in a five-dollar note and you are done!

Less waste – wrapping materials, tape, ribbon etc

With no gift to wrap there is no need for excess packaging and materials. No gift bag, wrapping paper, ribbon, tape or bows required. It’s a win for your back pocket and a definite win for the environment!

Less waste – toys that won’t be used or will be forgotten about quickly

Not only is there less packaging to be thrown away at the end of the party, there is also less wastage in the form of toys. Cheap plastic toys that break easily, or toys that will be forgotten about quickly or lay unused in a dark corner of the toy box are a waste of the resources, time and money put in to create them. The fiver party negates this problem, given that the five dollar note is going towards something the child is saving up for or has specifically requested for their birthday celebration.

Less cost to parents

One of the greatest advantages of the fiver party is the reduced cost for parents. Often parents will spend upwards of $15-$20 on a gift of their choice for the birthday boy or girl. Doing some basic math here, if a child attends 10 birthday parties throughout the year, that is a considerable cost of $150-$200 on gifts purchased by their parents. By comparison, attendance at ten ‘fiver’ parties throughout the year results in a much smaller, more manageable cost of just $50 for the year.

Less focus on material goods

With the giving of a monetary gift instead of something tangible, fiver parties are encouraging less focus on material items, teaching children to strive instead for something they truly want and appreciate. Rather than receiving piles of ‘throw-away’ toys that children tend to easily get sick of, these parties help to shift the focus from having lots of material possessions and physical items being the most important aspect, back to giving thanks that friends and family come to celebrate and enjoy time spent with the birthday boy or girl.

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