5 ways to turn your ideas into impact

Jodie Willmer of Happy Changemakers

Jodie Willmer of Happy Changemakers spoke at our VIP Short Talk series at the BAIRNSDALE Women Against Waste Event in April 2019. Did you miss out? Never fear, she’s sharing the nuts and bolts of her info from the talk for you right here.

See a problem and sick of waiting for other people to do something about it? If you’ve come to the realisation that YOU’RE somebody and want to start taking positive steps for your community and your planet, here are 5 ways you can take action.

1.     Informal – with friends, family, neighbours, helping each other out and self action

Consider: picking up rubbish, tree plantings, seed exchanges, edible gardens, carpooling, reducing waste, food swaps, upcycling old clothes to someone who will wear them, signing petitions, starting petitions, attending meetings/rallies

2.     Formal Volunteering – volunteering for and with an organisation that has a volunteer program, usually with a role description

Consider: helping set up a festival or running a workshop, sewing Boomerang Bags, Landcare volunteering, Citizen Science – counting Pelicans at the Great Pelican Count

3.     Not for Profit, Charity or Club or Association – volunteering on a committee or board, playing a leadership role, being an employee of an organisation

4.     Social Enterprises – Start or support a Social Enterprise, where at least 50% of the Profits are invested back into programs and services for community or environmental benefits which are usually aligned with the purpose of the organisation

Example: Cells Café that provides employment opportunities for disadvantaged job seekers and TRY Australia.

5.     Conscious Business – Start or support a Conscious Business that considers business beyond profit by making donations to relevant organisations, business decisions are aligned with environmental and community benefit such as renewable energy, waste reduction, composting  and employing people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Example : Earth and Soul Pizza, Who Gives a Crap, Interior Philosophy and Women Against Waste Events.

NEW: Certified B Companies are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. They are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, community, and the environment. This is a community of leaders, driving of a global movement of people using businesses as a force for good.

Ready to do something big?

Use the HAPPY Framework by Happy Changemakers

H - Hatch your ideas, write them down (get them out of your head) and discuss with others including your target market, develop a customer avatar and develop a Minimum viable product and test and pivot/alter.

A - Awareness – what are your strengths, superpowers and skills? What are you not so good at or just don’t light you up? How do you work best? What can you learn from previous projects/experiences and apply to this new project ? What limiting beliefs do you have that might get in the way?

P - Planning and action taking – what needs to be done, by when, what is the end result or success measure and who needs to do it? How will you plan your time and life to commit to take imperfect action to move forward?

P - People and Partnerships – who else cares? Who can help? What skills are required to complement yours? Who can support you? Who can you partner with?

Y - You – Self care is essential to enable your ideas to flourish to make impacts. What are the things you must do to look after yourself, such as early nights, utilising a coach as a sounding board and to help overcome obstacles? What are the skills that you need to work on and develop ? What action will you take to improve your skills such as strategic planning, public speaking, social media, volunteer management, delegating (and not being a control freak).

Happy Changemakers offers a 3 hour workshop to help extract your ideas and put them into a plan to make it do-able and provides coaching, resources and advice.