WAW Ambassador Natasha Driscoll

Ballarat VIC

Ambassador - Natasha Driscoll

Natasha Driscoll, her husband, and her young daughter have been living in Ballarat in regional Victoria for the last 5 years. It wasn’t until Natasha was pregnant that her green switch was turned on. Natasha with the support of her family has made changes in her own consumer ways, starting with cloth nappies and second hand baby clothes, where from there simple green swaps have taken over the household. Natasha and her family are now trying to do all they can to reduce their waste, shop more mindfully, and produce more of their own food. Natasha also has a passion of creating often utilising existing garments and textiles to create new items or refashion existing items to adapt to her lifestyle. She is also is keen to promote simple swaps in the household that will create change in behaviours and make a difference.

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