Plastic Bottle Lids for Envision/Lids 4 Kids

Envision.jpgnvision Lids 4 Kids

From the Envision website:

“Plastic bottle caps, essentially a non-recyclable waste product, has the ability to be turned into recycled plastic hands, arms and mobility aids. Next to plastic bags, plastic bottle tops are one of the top polluters of the oceans and environment. They create microbeads which enter the food chain and pollute our beaches. With this project, we now aim to collect 2,000,000 bottle tops to recycle them into, mobility aids, Disability Aids, STEM training tools, and Aged Care gadgets.”

Items Accepted:

Clean plastic bottle lids: Recycle codes 2 & 4, milk bottle, soft drink, water bottle lids.

Items NOT Accepted:

Does bot include pop-up lids, vegemite lids, coffee pods, wine bottle lids, plastic rings or plastic inserts

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