Frequently Asked Questions & Terms of Entry


Is this venue fully accessible for prams and wheelchairs?

We are selective in our venues to ensure accessibility for all. If you have a particular need, please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know so we can support you.


How much can i bring with me?

Your donation is capped at the equivalent of 1 large garbage bag in quantity. We would love to see you using fabric bags or boxes to bring your donations and take your new finds instead of plastic as we aim to make this a waste and plastic free event.


Why don’t you have men’s clothing, more space for kid’s stuff or other categories not currently included at this event?

Even though we’d love to, we can’t be all things to all people. There is only so much space to work with and only so many categories we can manage. The best outcome for our attendees happens when we’re clear on who we serve and why; and we believe the categories we include are the best match to our goals, venues, Ambassadors and philosophies and best meet the highest and most commonly shared needs of our attendees.


Which charities do you support?

Our event supports a range of local, national and international charities & community groups through the donation of quality goods and on occasion cash donations too. They change from event to event, and are different in each location depending upon the arrangements which are made. Check your event listing for specific details for involved organisations.


What condition do items need to be in?

We ask you to bring good to great quality items in good to great condition free from rips & stains. We prefer items which do not come from low end stores.


Can I just drop-off my donations without participating in the event?

No this event is about connecting our community together and sharing our resources between us. All the organisations we collect for can be accessed directly by you at any time throughout the year. Check the list of organisations we support in the Donation Directory for their contact details to make individual arrangements if you can’t make the event.


Can we drop items in for sorting before the day of the event?

A trial of this structure in the past has proven to be an inefficient use of time for both attendees and event organisers. Instead, we have volunteers on the day to assist and keep the area neat and tidy.


Will items be hung or on tables?

We’re endeavouring to use hanging racks where possible as we know that you prefer to look at items this way. We’re giving preference to items such as dresses, tunics, jackets and suits, with other items like tops, pants and jumpers out on tables. If you have items you think should be hung on a rack, please bring it on a hanger you don’t mind parting with so that you can hang it quickly and easily. We will also have a box of hangers by the door that you can use for the event and take hangers from at the end of the event too so you’re not left short.


What types of items can I bring to the event?

Each event has a specific list of items which we invite people to bring along. These can vary from event to event, so please check carefully each time.


Can I bring my children to this event?

We love kids, we have them ourselves! Yes we do allow kids at our events, but we don’t recommend that it’s suitable for kids under 10. We reckon you’ll want to concentrate on what you’re doing and enjoy your time relaxing too, and we know that younger kids can make this tricky to do. This event is not set up to cater for kids as it’s designed for adults.

If you have a bub in a pram or can only come if you bring your kids, please note that we as the event organisers cannot accept any responsibility for your children while attending. If your child is under 15, they can attend for free as your guest. If your child is 16 or above, we ask that you register them as an attendee.


Who gets my details when I register?

All registered participants will be automatically added to the mailing list for Women Against Waste, the Event Ambassador and Interior Philosophy as the creator of the events. You can remove yourself from these lists at any time by opting-out. Your information is never sold or given away.


Can men come to this event?

Although we love men, this is a women’s only event. This is in part because the origins of this event - and still the main component of this event - is as a women’s clothes swap; where women need to feel comfortable to whip off a top and try something on if they wish too. It’s also because we believe it’s important to give women a space to have female centric conversations and interactions; and it’s in this space that we have chosen to focus our events. The great news is that everything which happens at our events can be accessed by non-attendees at any time throughout the year. Find our Donation Directory which links to the different organisations we support to make contact with them directly. Men are also welcome to follow along in our social media streams to ask questions and add the conversation.


How many items can I have mended and what can I get help with?

We have volunteers who can help you with sewing on the day. Each person can have assistance with up to 2 items per event. Our volunteers can assist you with basic repairs such as taking up a hem or fixing a broken seam. Complex alterations such as taking in a suit jacket are not within the scope of this event. If you require a patch, zip, button or other specialty item to complete your repair, please bring it with you.


Can I get a refund if I change my mind or don’t attend?

You can ask for a refund up to 3 days prior to the event. We do not offer a refund after the event for non-attendance unless there are exceptional circumstances.


Can I pay at the door?

No all event registrations and payments need to occur online prior to the event. This helps us to manage numbers and the space effectively to ensure everyone has a comfortable experience.


Do we have our own stalls to sell items at the event?

No this is a swapping event, not a selling event. You don't have your own stall, you simply bring your unwanted items and hang them up on the racks or place out on the table for others to take.


Is there a limit on how much or what I can take with me?

This event is unique as it does not limit how many items you can take with you from the event. This is because our focus is on re-homing items rather than item’s perceived financial value. A fair go policy does apply, and anyone found to be in conflict with other participants and in possession of more than a fair share of items may be asked to leave the event.