WAW Warragul Event
Presented by Gippsland Unwrapped
Sponsored by Biome

The Warragul Spring 2019 event has now OCCURRED and it was fantastic, with over 80 women in attendance. Miss out? Be informed about the next event in AUTUMN 2020. Join the mailing list.

See the details from the last Warragul event in September 2019 below.

Join us to Swap, Donate, Recycle, Mend & Learn with the women in your community. It's the best $20 and few hours you'll spend on yourself and your home, family, wallet, community & the planet this year.

Women Against Waste events are all about making it easier for women to share quality unwanted personal and household items, keep stuff out of landfill & money in pockets.

WAW Warragul Ambassador Tammy Logan of Gippsland Unwrapped

WAW Warragul Ambassador Tammy Logan of Gippsland Unwrapped

Features of the Warragul Event

  • Short Talk Series: Hear from Ambassador Tammy Logan, Stylist Karina Dyer of Personalised Style and Baw Baw Shire Council’s Sustainability Officer Bek Power

  • Get help to mend clothes at the Mending Station

  • Enjoy afternoon tea items to purchase

  • Stylist Karina will be walking the floor, helping you to put outfits together and understand shapes, colours and what works for you

  • $15 discount code for event Sponsor Biome’s online store

Summary of what to bring on the day

Bring your new, used, quality and unwanted:

  • Women’s clothes and accessories including bags, shoes, belts, scarves and jewellery

  • Item’s for Olivia’s Place: Activity mats or play gyms, Bassinets, Baths, Bottles & other feeding equipment, Bouncers or rockers, Breastfeeding specific pillows, Car restraints, Change tables, Carriers, Cots, Formula, Highchairs, Linen for cots and bassinets, Manual breast pumps, Mattresses, Sterilisers, Nappies, Nappy bags/change mats, Newborn head supports, Prams/Strollers and Pram accessories. For specific requirements, visit Olivia’s Place.

  • New and used bras, new underpants, new & used speciality articles such as maternity bras, mastectomy/pocketed bras, breast forms, cloth nappies, wigs and turbans

  • Prescription spectacles & sunglasses

Plus your used:

  • Pens & markers

  • Media storage

  • Oral care

  • Contact lenses & packaging


  • NEW ADDITION: Household batteries (no car batteries)

  • NEW ADDITION: Small eWaste items (electrical items that have a cord or battery)

Your Ambassador Tammy will ensure your unwanted donatable and recyclable items are connected with the right organisations for the greatest impact. Get the full details below.

Short Talk Series

From 1:40pm onwards you’ll be treated to 3 short talks, while our volunteers work in the background to lay out and hang up your swap and donate items, before the main swap event commences. It’s how we’re helping you to learn how to reduce your impact on the planet and it’s included in your ticket price. Make sure you arrive on time at 1:30pm, then hand your items across to volunteers as you come in - as talks will kick-off on time at 1:40pm. Once the short talks conclude, it’s time to enjoy the main swapping event.

Tammy Logan

WAW Ambassador Tammy Logan of Gippsland Unwrapped will discuss the impact of the fashion industry and being more sustainable with our clothing choice.

Karina Dyer

Personal Stylist Karina Dyer will outline how to create a wardrobe that is versatile, practical, organised and one that you love, including how to shop smart to avoid purchasing the wrong pieces and how to utilise what you already own by creating new looks with your existing pieces.

Bek Parker

Baw Baw Shire’s Environment Sustainability Officer Bek Parker will explain what eWaste is, what to do with it and provides an update on Baw Baw Shire’s curb side collection and some of those ‘other’ tricky items.

Baw Baw Shire Council's Bek Parker

Bek Parker is the Baw Baw Shire’s Environment Sustainability Officer, responsible for community engagement and education of Council’s sustainable activities. She also works in collaboration with various community groups and State Government Departments to promote relevant initiatives such as the current E-waste Ban. 

Having a background in the residential building industry and a passion for sustainable building design, Bek began a BA in Environmental Sustainability at Swinburne University in 2017. This inspired a greater understanding of the complexities of a sustainable society, the importance of a circular economy and the need for continued education and support within our society at a local level.

Still in the final stages of her degree, Bek works with the Shire four days a week.

WAW Warragul Ambassador Tammy Logan

Tammy Logan is the author of Gippsland Unwrapped, a blog about maximising resources and minimising waste, and the Ambassador presenting the Warragul WAW event.

Based in Gippsland, Tammy combines 20 years of qualifications and work experience in conservation biology, natural resource management, science communication and community engagement with her dairy farming roots to deliver practical sustainable living solutions.

Tammy works in collaboration with community groups, businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies throughout Gippsland (and beyond) to deliver waste education and advice. Tammy wants to prove that living sustainably results in a more meaningful life and that individuals can be a strong force for positive change.

Personal Stylist Karina Dyer of Personally Styled

Karina Dyer is the owner of Personalised Style and is a qualified, experienced and passionate Personal Stylist living in Gippsland with her husband and their two young boys.

Karina’s passion is to empower and encourage women to feel confident and be the very best version of themselves through clothing. She loves to share with women how they can dress for their shape, personality, lifestyle, make the most of what they already own and make the right choices when shopping.

She does this through her styling services which include wardrobe Makeovers, Shopping Sessions, the digital Style Mag and many more. Karina understands the impact of fast fashion on the environment, so she teaches her clients how to create a wardrobe that is versatile, practical and long-lasting, whilst being one that her clients absolutely love.

Women Against Waste Event

The organisations we’re supporting

Mawarra Opportunity Shop

All the women’s clothes and accessories left over after the event will be donated to Mawarra Opportunity Shop.

Olivia’s Place

Olivia's Place supports mums and dads across Gippsland throughout pregnancy, birth, and through the first 12 months of having a baby by collecting and rehoming quality preloved baby essentials. Check the list above and their website for full details.

The Uplift Program

New and used bras, new underpants, new & used speciality articles such as maternity bras, mastectomy/pocketed bras, breast forms, cloth nappies, wigs and turbans.

Lion’s Recycle for Sight

New and used prescription spectacles and sunglasses.

The recycling programs we’re supporting

Terracycle Recycling Boxes

We’re tapping into the amazing recycling programs available through Terracycle. Some recycling types through their program are free, but many are not. We thank our Warragul event sponsor Biome for covering the cost of the Terracycle Pens & Markers and Media Storage boxes.

  • Pens and markers: Any brand of pens, mechanical pencils, markets, highlighters, permanent markers & caps. Does NOT include wooden pencils, crayons, paint or paint brushes.
    Provided to you by Biome.

  • Media storage: records, 8 track tapes, cassette tapes, CDs, DVDs, Blue Ray discs, floppy disks, memory sticks and external hard drives. Provided to you by Biome.

  • Oral Care: Any brand of used toothpaste tubes & caps, toothbrushes, toothbrush & toothpaste tube outer packing, floss containers.

  • Contacts: Any brand of used contact lenses, used contact lens blister packs and contact lens cases.

BAW BAW Shire Council

With thanks to Bek Parker, please bring your:

  • Xrays

  • Household batteries (no car batteries)

  • Small eWaste items (electrical items that have a cord or battery)

WAW Warragul Event Sponsor -


Australia’s favourite zero waste,  toxin free, ethical eco store that is 100% palm oil free. We’re thrilled to have Biome on board to cover the costs to have the Terracycle Pens & Markers and Media Storage boxes onsite. PLUS Biome are providing $15 off your next purchase for WAW Warragul event attendees. Everything at Biome is safe for you and our planet:

  • Honesty in labelling

  • Meets strict standards

  • Zero harm to people or animals

  • Brands with passion and ethics

  • Good from the maker to the end

  • Performs better than unsafe alternatives

We’ll share the details of how to access your $15 discount at the event on the day.

WAW Warragul Event Photographer -
Jasmine Csincsi of Whistlewood Boutique

WAW Warragul Official Photographer Jasmine Csincsi.jp

We thank Jasmine for volunteering her time and skills to take photos of the Warragul event. Jasmine is well practiced at taking photos, shooting all the photos for her online clothing store Whistlewood Boutique - where customers can find clothing that will encompass their beauty, strength, wisdom, and free-spirit! Garments to help you speak your wisdom, tell your story and feel empowered in!

All clothing is personally hand selected by Jazz with the objective and focus on bringing busy mums current trends without the over the top price tags.

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